Let’s picture the whole experience of ordering a taxi service. Taxi cabs have been in the mainstream since early 1900s. For almost a whole century, the usual norm would be to call the local Yellow Cab company or hail a passing cab on a street or, post-internet era, make an online reservation through the website of the local cab company.

When Uber went mainstream in 2011, the whole experience shifted from an analog / desktop channel to a digital mobile form factor that involved pushing a button on Uber’s mobile app to order the taxi service.

Amazon Echo (launched in 2015), further raised the bar by shifting this whole cab ride ordering experience from a mobile phone form factor to a conversational voice assistant. You could be comfortably seated in your couch and simply holler “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride” and Amazon’s echo device, lurking in some invisible corner, would get the job done.